Passive Seismic Tomography



Passive Seismic Tomography is a new revolutionary geophysical exploration technique which uses the natural seismicity(microearthquakes) as seismic sources and a portable seismological network as receivers in order to perform a detailed 3-D seismic velocity and Poisson ratio model of the upper few Km of the crust.


                          Benefits of this revolutionary new technique are:


                                      At a fraction of the cost of conventional seismic surveys

                                      Helps design better your seismic reflection survey concentrating
                                      at regions of interest

                                      Data can be obtained  all over the most mountainous and difficult
                                      terrains with no extra cost


                                      100% safe to the environment

                              Uses natural seismicity as a source
                                      No explosives - an excellent tool for environmentally sensitive
                                      No permits required - classified as casual use on most BLM


UPSL has the experience in planning and conducting passive 3-D seismic tomography surveys and managing all aspects of:

                                                   survey creation and design

                                                                data acquisition

                                                                data processing

We collaborate with oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, capitalizing on the advantages of  passive surveys which:

                                                    allow evaluation of large areas at
                                                                      relatively low cost and reduced risk

                                                                 provide new high quality seismic data in an
                                                                      active area with limited competition 

                                                                 provide confidentiality of exploration activities



We possess the largest portable microearthquake network in the world. We can mobilize one hundred and seventy (!) 24bit portable seismographs with specially designed  3-component shallow borehole sensors, setting up microearthquake networks worldwide.


                          We can provide microearthquake data just on your office monitor
                                    using sattelite data telemetry.

                              We can process unlimited amount of data in our super computer
                                   and provide you with the most accurate 3D tomograms.

                              We cover the most difficult terrain