ISOLA: A Matlab-Fortran GUI for moment tensors and multiple-point source models in Windows


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Prof. E. Sokos, University of Patras, Greece

Prof. J. Zahradnik, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic



ISOLA software package has been developed continually since 2003 and is continually upgraded. It is a combination of Matlab graphic user interface (by E. Sokos) and Fortran codes (by J. Zahradník). ISOLA is an all-in-one package, intended for a transparent and detailed manual processing of selected events. It includes instrumental correction of records, calculation of 1D Green functions, inversion of full waveforms for point source models in terms of centroid position and moment tensor (full, deviatoric, or DC-constrained), including the uncertainty analysis.

ISOLA is also unique software for regional multiple-point source models useful for revealing source complexity (multi-type faulting), and for pre-constraining slip inversion in other codes, outside Isola.

Through the years, Isola has been applied to events in a broad magnitude range, Mw from 1 to 8. To invert difficult small earthquakes, several “tricks” have been added recently, such as the combined use of waveforms, their envelopes, and first-motion polarities.

The code has been routinely used in several national data centers.

Less transparent, but more suitable for routine processing are the automated versions developed by our colleagues (for SeisComp, for Python), not addressed here.




Zahradník, J. & Sokos, E. (2018): ISOLA code for multiple-point source modeling –review. in Moment Tensor Solutions - A Useful Tool for Seismotectonics 1–28 (Springer Natural Hazards, 2018).



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